Turning plastic trash into cash in Ghana

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Sharing a great story from Ghana, with thanks to the BBC. A Ghana businessman is turning waste plastic into a business opportunity. Makafui Awuku Executive Director of Mckingtorch Creatives leads this excellent initiate, in his words, “using plastics to pursue sustainable projects, so that we can move away from the collection and dumping, to a more purposeful way of dealing with the plastic waste. Plastic waste has become one of the largest resources for Ghana, because it’s all over the place”.

They collect waste from peoples homes every week, to create everything from festive trees to woven bins from discarded waste. Creating employment whilst cleaning up the environment for the benefit of all. But he says “We are not just creating products to sell, we are trying to provoke young Africans to look for solutions, and how they can use plastic waste to fix these problems”. Makafui says “Can you imagine a bus stop on a major street made up of plastic bottles?” Absolutely brilliant!

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