Thank You For A Brilliant Night!

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What a night! I just wanted to say a big thank you from the heart to everyone who braved the insane heat we have in London at the moment, and came down to the Green Note to hear me and my musicians perform. I tried some new arrangements to my songs from the Adjoa EP and the Adinkra EP for the first time, which really reflect how I’ve always wanted my songs to sound, and they went down really well with the audience which was really fantastic and very encouraging!

The room was pretty full, mostly many, many new faces we hadn’t seen before, as well as lovely people who came back again. It was a truly international thing, with people I met and chatted with who were from pretty diverse places, including a big group from Texas and Brighton, another big group of people from Holland, as well as people from inside and outside good old London.

It was great to share the background behind some of the Adinkra symbols of Ghana that my songs from the Adinkra EP were based on. Everyone seemed to really enjoy doing a bit of impromptu singing along with some of my chants and choruses in the Ghanaian language of Twi, great fun!

I got some really brilliant feedback, which I truly appreciate. HUGE thanks from the heart to everyone who came down, or who supported the event in any way at all from tweets to likes and shares, or just encouraging words which were coming through right up to the event itself, and to the Green Note for having us. I really do appreciate all your support.

See you again next time!

Adjoa x

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