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Keeping it local is one way that we can get through the challenges of the moment.  Sharing story of Jamiah Hargins, as he says “Whoever you are, we all need four things: Food, Housing, Healthcare, and Internet. With those four things provided for, we can do anything as a society.  So my goal as a leader is to find the quickest way to provide these four things to everyone around me.”

When Jamiah moved to West Adams in LA he began growing fruits and vegetables to feed his family.  He ended up growing much more than they could consume, so not wanting the surplus food to go to waste he tried the Nextdoor social network to see if there would be any interest in a crop swap.  A good 15 people turned up, and it’s success and led to the group expanding to around 100 people which became Crop Swap LA.  The group transformed an empty car park into a farmers market, with 10 stalls, food trucks, music and free yoga.  They also help members of the community start their own gardens. 

As Jamiah says “As a community initiative, we are working with local residents to build their own backyard gardening systems, so ultimately we have an abundance of food. In just 3 months we’ve gotten over 80 residents involved, plus forming partnerships with nonprofits and tech companies to extrapolate how much food our neighborhood/city could produce if we deployed something like this Statewide.  Quality food should, and can be free!  What I’m suggesting here is that we change the system at its core, and grow our society from there.”

Many small local businesses have been hit hard by the current challenges, and are depending on us to survive.  The large all-encompassing / online stores and coffee chains will survive, but local businesses may not; so as CNM says, here are some ways we can help our local community by shopping small, local and independent, and also 

Eat out at your local pub (when it opens again)
Use your local barber or hairdresser
Buy your bread at your local baker and your veggies at your local farm shop, not the supermarket
Visit your local bookshop
Grab your coffee from the family coffee shop rather than chain stores

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