Sharing My Love Of Ghana’s Traditional Culture

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I was born in the UK to parents who came here from Ghana, West Africa.

I discovered the culture of Ghana and the Akan tribe when I was taken there as a child with my parents. So there I was this UK girl surrounded by a completely new world. I remember one day at school they decided that they were going to give us cultural lessons. Everyone would divide up into the tribe that they came from, and we would learn how to read in the language, the dances, the music… We still had lessons based on the curriculum, maths, English etc, but I found that in these lessons I felt really vibrant and alive.

My parents tribe is the Akan tribe of Ghana, so I learnt how to write the in the language Twi which I found amazing to be able to begin to do. We learnt the traditional dance and percussion of the Akan tribe, and that to me was the most beautiful thing of all. There were so many stunning interwoven beats, there were gorgeous songs, chants and harmonies, and the dance was the most entrancing, graceful and intricate thing I had ever seen. We learnt music and dance from other tribes as well, which I also truly loved.  There was nothing I loved more than this lesson, learning about tribal culture. I realised it was really the tribal aspect – the traditional percussion, the dance – that made me feel alive. Fast forward to today and it’s still what resonates most with me, and what I most want to share with the world.

My dream remains to share the beautiful traditional tribal culture of Ghana with the world.  My other big passion is soul music and soul vocals. So the way that I express this is by fusing my soul vocals with chants and songs that I write in Ghanaian Twi and in English, with traditional percussion that I love so much.

It’s taken a lot of trial and error over many recordings, and I’ve worked hard over the years to create the sound. Sometimes the recordings worked out pretty well, but other times funds were low and I wasn’t able to complete the project. I never gave up on my dream of sharing my love of the culture and Ghana’s traditional percussion though. I had been writing songs for a while based around the theme of the Adinkra symbols of Ghana. It all came together as the theme for the new “Adinkra” EP. Then, because the support I got from 50 phenomenal supporters who backed my Kickstarter campaign, I was thrilled to be able to finish recording this EP in a way which finally really reflects what I have trying to communicate with the world.

It’s been an amazing time since then, and the campaign was highlighted as a Project We Love by Kickstarter.


The album went out to the backers at the end of the campaign. I’m really excited it’s now time to release the EP and share it with everyone. It will be officially released on September 27th, and pre-orders just became available here

As my way of saying THANK YOU for your support, anyone who pre-orders the “Adinkra” EP before September 27th will get two unreleased mixes that aren’t available anywhere else. You can find all the details here. I truly appreciate all your support.

This EP is a true reflection of finally reaching my goal to release a recording the truly reflects my love for Ghana’s culture. I hope you will share in it with me.


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Adjoa x

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