Sharing a Snippet of Madamfo Pa Beko Agya Me

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I hope that all is well with you at this time.

I just wanted to share with you a snippet of another song, “Madamfo Pa Beko Agya Me” from my “Adinkra EP”.  It’s a bit of a departure from my normal style, sung completely in the Twi language of my Ghanaian heritage, in the style of Ghanaian highlife.  I’m thrilled I was joined on the song by Ghana’s premier, leading guitarist, the wonderful Kari Bannerman of Osibisa and Ibibio Sound Machine fame.  It’s a cover of the Ghanaian song that I love very much which speaks of friendship, translating as ‘what would I do if my best friend were to leave me’.  

I use the song to represent the Adinkra symbol of friendship and interdependence named “Ese Ne Tekyerma”, which literally translates as “the teeth and the tongue”.  This Adinkra symbol represents the fact that although the teeth and the tongue are both located in the mouth, they play different roles but are interdependent.  They may conflict at times but still exist in interdependence.  The symbol is compared to marriage and other also other relationships, representing harmonious and interdependent relationships between people and nations.  The symbol also encourages friendship and assistance. 

My Adinkra EP is based around the Adinkra symbols of the Akan people of Ghana, my heritage.  Each symbol is a stylized geometric image expressing proverbs or a message of the Akan people. My aim through my music is to share my love of Akan and Ghanaian culture, and soul music.

As usual do let me know what you think in the comments below.

Wishing you peace in these times we are going through.

Adjoa x

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