Sad loss DJ Peter Young

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It is the most sad that we have lost dear Peter Young. He has been a favourite DJ of mine whose shows I’ve listened to since coming back from Ghana in my teens. His show was a must-listen for anyone who was into soul music, where you would hear old soul and current soul classics, but then you would hear a brilliant gospel, African, fusion or latin tune all with his very unique sense of humour. Peter was kind enough to champion my music, with much support, and lots of encouragement, kind words, mentioning my gigs, playing songs from my debut EP, and giving me my break on Jazz FM. It was the biggest honour to have my music played on his show.

You can listen back a very special tribute show to PY by Jeff Young which you can hear at Jazz FM, on catch-up broadcast on November 11th.

Rest in peace, Peter Young

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  • Paul says:

    The death of Peter Young was a real sad loss . A real great DJ who had a real love of good music. I really use to enjoy his shows on Capitol Radio and later JazzFM . He played all types of music rock, soul and jazz. It was a real joy to listen to him. I really miss him rest for ever in perfect peace Pork Pie. Thank you for all the great music.

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