“Nkyinkyim” played on BBC Introducing Mixtape!

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I’m so thrilled to let you know another song from my “Adinkra EP”, the track “Nkyinkyim”, was played on the BBC Introducing Mixtape. It was played earlier today as one of the best new tracks handpicked by Tom Robinson this week! The song was also chosen out of 189 sent to Fresh on The Net as one of the top tracks of the week, and was in Tom Robinson’s top 5 for the week. I wrote more a bit more about it just here.

I sing Nkyinkyim in English and the Ghanaian language Twi, and it’s from the Adinkra EP, part of my Adinkra album project. The project is based around the theme of the Adinkra symbols of the Akan people of my Ghanaian heritage. Each symbol is a stylized geometric image expressing proverbs or message of the Akan people. Nkyinkyim literally means ‘Twistings’ and represents turning yourself around in life, to survive any trials and troubles that may come your way, and adjust to them as may arise. It’s the symbol of initiative, dynamism and versatility. My song celebrates overcoming difficulties to move forward through all life’s changes.

Massive thanks to Tom Robinson for playing my song, it’s just the BEST news!

Adjoa x

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