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Good morning

Just to let you know my posts will appear more often here than on social media just at the moment. This is as a result of some very unseemly behaviour at some of the bigger platforms who are in effect censoring free speech regarding health news, that goes against the current content of mainstream media, bent on inducing fear amongst us.  People need to know all that they can in terms of how to maintain their health and stay sane at this time.  However crucial information from leading scientists, and my own attempts to post scientific data, including data from the US government has been/was blocked, with a threat that my account would be penalised on Facebook.  The same has occured for others on Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Vimeo and all other main social media platforms.  We the people should not be censored.  So more of my posts will be appearing here on my own site

Please stay tuned here, thank you so much for your support 💖

Peace, love, Adjoa x

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