Lost Stock – Supporting Workers And Their Communities

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With thanks to Trudy who shared info about this organisation.  A few short weeks ago, we saw highlighted in the press the stark images of mountains of unwanted clothes that had ended up in Ghana

Mail online reported “Most of the clothes sent to Ghana come from the UK, which is the second biggest exporter of worn clothing in the world…  Dumped in landfill sites and in the sea, they are left to decay, forming a poisonous clothing soup which spews toxins into the environment as the fibres break down. ‘The textile mountain is an environmental catastrophe,’ says Liz Ricketts, co-founder of The OR Foundation, a non-profit organisation researching the environmental, social and economic impact of the second-hand clothing trade in Accra.”

Lost Stock explains that because of current events, leading brands have cancelled orders for over $2 billion USD worth of clothes that have already been produced. This leaves millions of workers in countries like Bangladesh unpaid and at risk of starvation. And as the site says, there is no safety net for them.  Lost Stock has come up of the idea that we can all use to solve this problem. As they say “We want you to have these clothes. That’s why the team at Mallzee created Lost Stock, a box of clothing chosen for you with a massive 50% discount off RRP, that supports these workers and prevents waste. Each box supports a worker and their family for a week, and our goal is to help 100,00 workers and their families. Buy a box and support a worker”.

There is the added bonus of not having all the clothes that would not be discarded during the current situation, ending up landfill in countries like Ghana. It sounds like a great solution. For more information hit the link here 

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