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Just sharing a short video of me from one of my performances on the World Music Stage live at Notting Hill Carnival in celebration of Notting Hill Carnival weekend x  It’s been phenomenal to perform there over the years, and I’ve been thrilled the songs have had some truly brilliant feedback.  The songs in this set are all from my Adinkra EP.  The EP is based around the theme of the Adinkra symbols of Ghana.  Each symbol is a stylized geometric image expressing proverbs or a message of the Akan people.  On my EP, each song uses the theme of one of the symbols as a starting point.  In this mini-video the three of the song snippets are…

“Nsoromma” my song based on the theme of the symbol of the same name –  it’s the Ghanaian Twi language word for ‘stars’ and literally translates as ‘children of the sky’, and it’s the symbol of guardianship.  On the EP I’m thrilled it features Ghana’s premier guitarist, Kari Bannerman of legendary group Osibisa, and the amazing Ibibio Sound Machine.

“Damé-Damé” also based on the idea of the Adinkra symbol of the same name –  it’s the Adinkra symbol which comes from the Ghanaian game of draughts, representing craftiness, intelligence and strategy.  My song song is all about not having the wool pulled over your eyes in life.

“Madamfo Pa Beko Agya Me”, the last song is my version of a very favourite Ghana ‘highlife’, song of mine.  On my EP I’ve included it to represent the symbol “Ese Ne Tekyrema”, the Adinkra symbol for friendship.  The symbol literally translates as “the teeth and the tongue”.  This Adinkra symbol represents the fact that although the teeth and the tongue are both located in the mouth, they play different roles but are interdependent.  They may conflict at times but still exist in interdependence.  The symbol is compared to marriage and also other relationships, representing harmonious and interdependent relationships between people and nations.  The symbol also encourages friendship and assistance.  The song talks about the value of friendship, and asks “what would I do if my best friend left me?”  Although that sounds sad as a lyric, the vibe of this song always fills me with a lot of joy!  It was very much loved when I performed it at carnival, especially by the DJ who said to me “that is your song!”.  I love it so much.

I do hope you enjoy the video.  As usual do leave your comments below, it’s always fab to hear from you! x

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