Ghana’s First Travelling Museum

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This looks very exciting – excellent article from the Guardian Newspaper:

An innovative project in Ghana aims to make moveable museums available nationwide by taking a small kiosk-sized gallery on the road to showcase artworks and cultural artefacts.

The “kiosk museum” is the brainchild of Nana Oforiatta Ayim, a writer and film-maker, and founder of ANO, a non-profit art space in Accra. She decided to make use of an ubiquitous feature of west African architecture: the semi-legal containers present on every street corner, usually used by mechanics, hairdressers or stores selling food and supplies.

Ayim collaborated with DK Osseo-Asare, an architect who has spent more than a decade researching kiosk culture and designing units in Ghana and Nigeria. He said official government policy was to “excise the informal from the city”, referring to the state’s disdain for the semi-legal structures, which have been flattened and torn down in some areas.

Latifah Idriss, an Accra-based architect who has worked with Ayim to further develop the structures, said kiosks were “not considered as proper” by the government because “in a country that lacks welfare, they manifest as the architecture of poverty”.

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