Ghana Beats & West Africa: Word, Symbol, Song Exhibition

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british library ghana exhibition fabricsHello everyone!

I went to a fantastic event, Ghana Beats, celebrating Ghanaian music at the British Library.

Heard some phenomenal music, managed to catch the whole brilliant set from Yaaba Funk. Also great food from the Ghana kitchen. with all the fabulousness going on, I only managed to catch part of the West Africa: Word, Symbol, Song Exhibiton, so I headed back on Tuesday to take in the whole thing.

It was truly educational, with a much wider range of content than I expected, including aspects of ancient West African kingdoms – politics architecture, literature, religion, culture, dance and music; but also coming right up to date with the influence of modern day politicians, writers and musicians such as Fela Kuti.

It also included the impact of West Africa world wide with audio visual features featuring the UK/Notting Hill carnival and modern day religious practices from Cuba.

i had an interesting chat with an Italian-born lady also of Ghanaian heritage, about the exhibition and one of the features which we both enjoyed with different fabrics of Ghana which carry a messages such as ‘if you are going to choose a husband, choose well!’ she tried out her twi language pronunciation on me which was fun.

it was a great exhibition. time flew.. i probably could have visited it again another few times! adjoa x

[picture of chief nike davies-okundaye and ghanaian fabrics courtesy of the british library]

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