Earth from Space

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Hope you had a good weekend! Did anyone catch the new series “Earth from Space” narrated by british actor and director Chiwetel Ejiofor? With stunning imagery using cameras on the ground, in the air and in space, it follows natureโ€™s greatest spectacles, weather events and dramatic seasonal changes. It follows everything from journey of elephants seeking a water source, to an epic display of Shaolin Kung Fu from space. Also captured is an amazing occurence taking place, connecting two faraway continents, supporting millions of animal species. A plume of dust hundred of kilometers across originates in north Africa from what appears from space to be a white scar in the Sahara desert. The dust gets stirred up into the air, bearing extremely rich nutrients from the bed of what was once actually a vast lake. Followed day and night, the dust plume can be seen to travel more than 3,000 km over the Atlantic to central and south America, home to the worlds largest rainforest. “Nutrient rich saharan dust carried in the raindrops, fertilizes the soil, feeding the forest and helping to sustain more species of animals, than anywhere else on earth”. Scientists calculated that 27 million tonnes of dust makes this journey every year. Amazing stuff! Catch the series on iplayer here.

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