Damé-Damé – The Symbol and The Song

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adjoa damé-damé single artwork

My Adinkra EP project is based on the Adinkra symbols of the Akan tribe of my Ghanaian heritage.  Each Adinkra symbol is a stylized geometric image expressing a proverb or a message of wisdom, advice and deep meaning in the Akan culture.  It’s been thrilling learning and remembering more about the symbols as my project has developed.  Each of my songs is based on one of the symbols.  Damé-Damé the symbol that one of songs is based on, is the symbol of craftiness, intelligence and strategy, from the traditional Ghanaian draughts game Damé.

My spin on it is really about being wise, and not letting a person fool you in life, love or anywhere else.  It includes spoken word in Twi, and lyrics in Twi and English.  Apart from the percussion, I sing most of the background music, several layers of harmonies.  It was a real adventure for me to write, as the ideas evolved.

The EP isn’t out yet, but there’s more on my Adinkra EP here.

Hope you have a great day 🙂

Adjoa x

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