Live At Notting Hill Carnival 💃🏿


    Hi there Just sharing a short video of me from one of my performances on the World Music Stage live at Notting Hill Carnival in celebration of Notting Hill Carnival weekend x  It’s been phenomenal to perform there over the years, and I’ve been thrilled the songs have had some truly brilliant feedback.  […]

More Of My Posts Here 🎇

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Good morning Just to let you know my news posts will appear more here on my site than elsewhere, just at the moment. I hope you can stay tuned, thank you so much for your support 💖 Peace, love, Adjoa x Click here to download my music for free

Huge Thanks to Tom Robinson, 6 Music


Hi I hope you are well! Great news, huge thanks from the heart to Tom Robinson of BBC 6 Music for playing my song “Nkyinkyim” from my “Adinkra EP” on BBC 6 Music once more on his show!  I’m thrilled to have been featured in the After Hour section alongside stunning names like Steel Pulse, […]

Ghana Mum & Her Daughter Make History


  Hi  I hope that all is well with you x Here is is one of the most heartwarming stories I have seen.  The story of a mum who moved to the US from Ghana and her daughter, who have made history by graduating in medicine in at the same time!  They begin practice at […]

Some Soul And Traditional African Dance


The Evolution of African American Music

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This is fascinating! With thanks to my friends who shared, and Urbanites Groove Theory x Adjoa x

Sharing a Snippet of Madamfo Pa Beko Agya Me

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  Hi I hope that all is well with you at this time. I just wanted to share with you a snippet of another song, “Madamfo Pa Beko Agya Me” from my “Adinkra EP”.  It’s a bit of a departure from my normal style, sung completely in the Twi language of my Ghanaian heritage, in […]

Fair Focus from Fair Trade

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  Fairtrade is an organisation focused on “better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability, and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in the developing world”. Their work includes support for cocoa farmers in Ghana and the Ivory Coast, West Africa. As their site explains, by requiring companies to pay sustainable prices (which must […]

Sharing a snippet of my song “Asase” with Best Wishes

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  Hello I hope that all is well with you, and that you and your loved ones are keeping well at this time.  Hoping to share some cheer with a snippet of my song “Asase” from my Adinkra EP.  It’s based around the Adinkra symbol “Asase Ye Duru”.  It’s the first song I’ve ever released […]

Turning plastic trash into cash in Ghana

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Sharing a great story from Ghana, with thanks to the BBC. A Ghana businessman is turning waste plastic into a business opportunity. Makafui Awuku Executive Director of Mckingtorch Creatives leads this excellent initiate, in his words, “using plastics to pursue sustainable projects, so that we can move away from the collection and dumping, to a […]

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