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Get 2 Exclusive Remixes When You Order The New “ADINKRA” EP


Hi, Adjoa here. As you probably know by know my new EP is coming out 7 days from now. This is very exciting because it’s a big opportunity for me to share my love of Ghana’s traditional culture, which has been a big passion of mine ever since I went as a child. Being an independent artist can be quite difficult but if I’m able to make something happen and get my EP into the charts, I’m more likely to be able to get the industry to take notice, and it will help to open doors to make my music more successful.

How it works is that the pre-orders are taken as 1st week sales, and this would help me to get into the music charts. So if you are able to buy my Adinkra EP before midnight on April 30th, it will make a massive difference to me. To say thank you for your support, I’m offering 2 re-mixes of tracks on the EP that aren’t available anywhere else, in addition to the digital copy of the Adinkra EP.

The only catch is I need you to order the EP before midnight on April 30th – the EP comes out on May 1st – to help the it get into the charts. Once the album goes live the special offer’s gone for good and those tracks will no longer be available. So if you can order your copy now, I’d appreciate it massively. Just click on the order button below to get your  pre-order copy of the EP and pre-order gift


IMPORTANT: This offer is only going to be available for a few days. It will expire at midnight on April 30th, after which time this page WILL come down and the offer will be gone for good.
So if you’ve been considering picking up a copy of my new “Adinkra” EP… Now’s the time.
You’ll receive a digital download of the Adinkra EP via email, immediately after placing your order.