UK/Ghana Soul Celebration at the Green Note

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Hello I was thrilled to get some wonderful feedback performing at the brilliant Green Note for the first time “There is only one woman who moves like Adjoa Owusu – feminine, sensuous and gracious. Then her voice – is it alto then bass then earthy… then cosmic sounds.. Her smile – her radiance – her […]

Is It All Black & White? Festival, Shoreditch

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Hi Here’s a pic from my performance at the ‘Is It All Black & White?’ Festival which happened a while back in Shoreditch. It was brill to sing songs from my Adinkra EP. I was joined by the Green Army Choir to sing my song Damé-Damé, and some members of the choir also joined me […]

Pic from back in the day

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Hello I hope everyone is well. Just sharing a pic of me back when I was in the studio of a top producer who took me under his wing to help me learn music production and engineering alongside my song writing. Wishing you a very wonderful weekend – Adjoa Free music

Big Thanks For All The Love

Adjoa in the Camden New Journal, Green Note, Adinkra EP Launch

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Hello Sharing some great feedback we’re thrilled to have had on the Adinkra EP Pre-launch Party at the wonderful Green Note, Camden. “Adjoa’s set was varied and the music infectious and engaging, I was extremely impressed with her vocals and the set as a whole.. such a enthralling artist” Paulette “Adjoa singing – there is […]

Damé-Damé – The Symbol and The Song

adjoa damé-damé single artwork

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My Adinkra EP project is based on the Adinkra symbols of the Akan tribe of my Ghanaian heritage.  Each Adinkra symbol is a stylized geometric image expressing a proverb or a message of wisdom, advice and deep meaning in the Akan culture.  It’s been thrilling learning and remembering more about the symbols as my project […]

Notting Hill Carnival, Thank You For The Love xx

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It was really great to be back at the Notting Hill Carnival World Music Stage.  I performed a set of songs from the forthcoming Adinkra EP and had a really great response including one person I spotted singing in Twi to Madamfo Pa Beko Agya Me.  I also had an offer of some airplay from […]

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