UK/Ghana Soul Celebration Friday July 20th

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Hi there! I am so looking forward to returning for a second time to perform at the wonderful Green Note in Camden on Friday July 20th. I’ll be singing songs from my ‘Adjoa’ and ‘Adinkra’ EPs as played on stations in the UK and the USA, fusing ‘beautiful soul music’ with vibrant traditional Ghanaian percussion, […]

Ghana Bamboo Bikes Initiative Founder, Bernice Dapaah

Bernice Dapaah

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Hello Sharing again the inspiring work of Bernice Dapaah who founded the Ghana Bamboo Bikes Initiative. Bernice’s work supports many in the community as well as being acknowledged worldwide for innovation. Using bamboo, a local raw material, she has trained and employed many young people in Ghana, as well as donating bikes to the community. Under […]

UK/Ghana Soul Celebration at the Green Note

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Hello I was thrilled to get some wonderful feedback performing at the brilliant Green Note for the first time “There is only one woman who moves like Adjoa Owusu – feminine, sensuous and gracious. Then her voice – is it alto then bass then earthy… then cosmic sounds.. Her smile – her radiance – her […]

Nomadic Dining with Ghana’s UN Worker-Turned-Chef, Selassie Atadika

Selassie Atadika

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It was interesting to read this article with thanks to CNN, about Selassie Atadika who wants to change the way you eat. The UN worker-turned-chef is on course to revolutionize African cuisine through her new movement: the nomadic dining experience, which sees her encourages diners to ditch restaurants and move meals outside. “It’s about creating […]

Lewis Floyd Henry

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  One of the things I love about London.. you can just hear the best live music! Was out and about in Shoreditch letting people know about my live gig coming up, turned a corner.. and there was a brilliant musician, Lewis Floyd Henry playing. It was like an open air gig.. ended up staying […]

Eddy Kamuanga Llunga

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Hi Today was the last day to catch the amazing work of the Congolese artist Eddy Kamuanga Llunga at the October Gallery in London. Eddie is a rising star who hails from the Republic of Congo. His new works explore the impact of the history of the Kongo Kingdom on Congolese society. Eddy’s work has […]

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